The only resources we’re interested in are approaches and modalities that work!  We studied up on the issues a little bit and learned that CBT (Cognitive Behavioral or ‘Talk’ Therapy) is not the answer.  It had demonstrated its pathetic ineffectiveness to the graybeards of the PTSD treatment community in the early ’70s, and all the heavy hitters were looking elsewhere (it should be noted that the VA and the Mental Health Industry at large were clueless ~ they wouldn’t “invent” PTSD for another five or ten years).   

It should come as no surprise that the same government and Mental Health Industry would show no interest in the notion (promulgated by those same graybeards) that PTSD is NOT a “Mental Illness”, but a Spiritual problem (which will referred to hereinafter as “Post Traumatic Spirit/Soul Distress”).  The “establishment” takes this attitude for the good and sufficient reason(s) that it involves “Spirit” and that, incidentally(?) all the really viable treatment modalities are in the public domain, easily accessible to any doofus who might want to read up on them and heal somebody.  That’s a dry hole for any “talkin’ doctor” who might be inclined to look into it. 

But, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody no good.  Turns out humanity has been dealing with PTSD pretty much since Cain and Abel (that’s waaaaay before Freud).  The various tribes and cultures survived  only to the extent that they were able to “unwind” their warriors after battle.  The tribes that failed to do that, soon failed altogether and became extinct.  These “primitive” folks knew a LOT of stuff we are still clueless about.  It’s a shame we lost all this wisdom when we “civilized” cultures summarily slaughtered all the aboriginal peoples with our advanced weaponry, like gunpowder, steel, cavalry, smallpox, artillery, measles, alcohol, etc.  It’s a pity we lost their knowledge, but the more enlightened among us are busily researching folklore and debriefing survivors in an effort to reclaim some of it.  The graybeards of the PTSD business are actively involved in that effort.

So, we think we’ll put our money on what’s worked for eons and leave “modern science” to thrash around until they actually accomplish something.  To be sure, we’re keeping a watchful eye on their efforts, but we’re not holding our breath ~ particularly in light of the fact that we’ve already got stuff that’s known to work and is so easy and simple, a dumb f%&king grunt can master it 😉

NLP for Trauma Flashbacks

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