Alternative Careers

Choosing a Career and Searching for a Job

Last Updated 7/7/2016

Leaving the Service, re-entering civilian life and starting a career can be a huge and often intimidating undertaking – particularly if one has a family to support. We will attempt to address some of the more common issues here, and more informally, in the peer support groups that we wholeheartedly endorse.

One of the first “obstacles” that a combat veteran might encounter is the notion that nobody ”back in the world” seems to be particularly eager to hire some “half-crazed, cold, steely eyed professional killer” with, perhaps, no readily identifiable, marketable skills. That attitude would be reasonable enough if it were accurate. It is not. As a matter of fact, you, as a combat veteran, have a number of pretty well documented character traits that prospective employers would (or certainly should) find extremely attractive in a job applicant. Veterans compare quite favorably and have traits that enable them to compete well with college frat boys and civilians in general in a number of ways.
To wit:
• You as a veteran a have well documented determination to pursue and succeed at the task at hand. No matter what.
• You are a team player. You are remarkably reliable, and demonstrate noteworthy drive to complete your ‘mission’ and achieve the goals you set out to accomplish .
• The mere fact that you are still walking around at all is a testament to your flexibility, innovation and tenacity.
• You are purposeful, bold, creative and resolute in your approach to challenges.

In a word, You are of great value to any potential employer. At our Peer Support Groups, you will find fellow Veterans who can help you (or that you can help) with things like writing an effective resume, honing your interview skills, etc.

When we get this page fully developed, you will have access to our database of employers who, in light of the important skill sets and character traits mentioned above, are specifically seeking Veteran applicants. Our search engine will help you locate enterprises who are seeking people just like you, and are looking specifically in the Veteran community to fulfill their needs for top grade help.

* * * * *

Another path that you might think of pursuing is to start your own business. You possess many of the traits of a successful entrepreneur. If you have something specific that you really REALLY want to do with your life, GO FOR IT !! As an alternative, you could spend some time working for ‘the man’ until you’ve honed your skills to the point that you’ve attained an acceptable likelihood of success.