NLP for Trauma Flashbacks

OK, so you’re having Flashbacks and Nightmares.   Are they like lots of random scenes from the past or more like some specific event that happened to you or you saw?  Any answer (or even question) will do here, you’re just trying to get him comfortable, relaxed and receptive

Now – here’s the deal:  We can’t make this thing go away completely.  Actually, we don’t want to, because it’s part of who you are.  But we can fix it so you run it instead of it running you, … If that’s OK just nod your head.   Wait for head nod.

OK, now just close your eyes and relax.  That’s it, just kick back, and let all the tension flow right out of you.  Additional relaxation is a good thing but not crucial to the outcome here.

What sort of events do these Flashbacks or bring you back to? . . . A one-word description will suffice:(war, rape, auto accident, etc),  If it’s clearly more than one, say:  OK, we’re going to work on the worst scene/picture you’ve got – the one that bothers you the most. 

Now, where does this picture live?  Top of your head?  Back?  One side or the other?  In your chest, heart, belly?  It can even live outside your body.   Wait for answer.  Any answer will do,

OK, Now picture an array of TV screens on the wall in front of you.  Make it three rows of three screens each – nine altogether . . . nod when you’ve got that done . . . Wait for nod.

OK, now pull up that picture hat’s bothering you the Most.  Put it in the center screen, right up close, in glaring color and full surround sound . . . nod when you’re done . . . wait for nod . .  .

Now, move your scene in the upper-left screen of the array and make it black and white . . . nod when you’re done . . . Wait for nod

Now, move it to the upper-right screen and turn off the sound.  Nod when that’s done . . . Wait for nod.


Now, move it to the left-middle screen, and move it farther away.  Nod when that’s doneWait for nod


Now, Move it to the lower-right screen and make it a little out of focus.  Nod when that’s done.   Wait for nod


  1. It’s now kind of out of focus, farther away, black and white, silent movie. Make it kind of grainy, like a very old time movie . . . nod when that’s done . . . Wait for nod.


Now, put it back where you found it, That’s where it lives, and that’s where it will stay. . .  nod when that’s done.  Wait for nod.  OK.  Now, if for any reason you want to look at this memory, it will be right where you left it, and when you’re done, it will go back to where it lives and stay there until you want to look at it again.  Sort of like your memories of your best friend in 5th grade, OK?  Wait for nod.


  1. Now very slowly count backwards from five and open your eyes. That thing of yours isn’t going to bother you again, EVER.  We’re all done now,