Caring Civilians

Last Updated 9/11/2016

The folks who have studied Post Traumatic Soul Distress (PTSD) extensively have learned that in those traditional cultures/societies that have dealt successfully with PTSD did so with the full participation of the entire population.  One might argue that the gradual disintegration of the tight-knit neighborhoods of our own country contributed substantially to the apparent  increase in the magnitude of PTSD as an issue in more recent conflicts.  Nobody can argue credibly that PTSD is, or ever has been, strictly a military issue. 

For this reason, we are making very serious efforts around enrolling interested civilians to assist us in our efforts to heal PTSD.  We are convinced that absent committed civilian support, our efforts around healing and re-integration into civilian society and the culture at large will be seriously compromised.  Additionally, we believe that civilian participants in our programs will gain insights, otherwise unavailable to them, around the culture we live in and the price others are paying for your participation in it.  We believe they will come away from the experience better citizens and better human beings. 

There are various exercises and ceremonies that are very powerful healing tools but can only be done successfully with the serious, enthusiastic assistance and participation of interested, motivated civilians.  These include, among many other things, various welcome home ceremonies and listening exercises.  An integral part of our planning and training is to help bring our civilian brethren (and sistren?) as well as our warriors up to speed on customs and ceremonies that our ancestors grew up with.  It will be an interesting and rewarding process for all concerned.