Holistic Healing

Last Updated 8/30/2016

By Hostic Healing we mean “Traditional”, “Ancient” or, pretty much anything outside of the mainstream of “scientific” medicine.  We are obviously most interested in those modalities that are most effective at dealing with the symptoms or manifestations in which we are most interested.  If this sounds arbitrary, that’s because it is ~ our list of treatment modalities is subject to change without notice.  We’ll look at pretty much anything that does not involve pharmaceuticals, go with what demonstrably works, and drop what does not. We don’t give a rat’s ass who invented any particular methodology.  We’re equal opportunity opportunists.
Among the more prominent modalities that we get involved with on a regular basis are: Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) (a powerful subset of Hypnotherapy), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), etc.  I know a lot of practitioners are going to jump in my shit for not mentioning their particular specialty, so I’ll apologize in advance.  To be fair, there are too many to count but they ALL have potential ~ some are more focused and narrow than others, some have purposes that we’re not particularly interested in at this stage, but it’s a whole new fascinating world out there that’s getting better documented and more accepted every day.
Specifically: NLP is our weapon of choice for the more “Prominent” symptoms of PTSD for a couple of [what I fancy to be] very good reasons.  My own guru in this arena is Dr Will Horton.  He’s a Ranger who went to school after he got out of the service and earned his PnD Psychology.  He had a very successful practice and is licensed to practice in two states.  He got interested in hypnosis and became a Hypnotherapist.  He tells us that his decision to make that move was driven by the fact that he discovered (he is not the first to figure this out) that what CBT might accomplish in 9 months – two years, hypnotherapy can do in a few weeks.  Then came NLP which, he tell us, will do in a couple of hours what Hypnotherapy does in a few weeks.  He practices and teaches NLP and is working on combining NLP and Hypnosis to enhance the power and effectiveness of NLP.   He taught me NLP and is my go – to guy when I have questions or need guidance in his arena.
Oh, and did I mention that NLP is what unwound me when I was bat-shit crazy and suicidal with continuous, unending Flashbacks and Nightmares?