Last Updated 9/14/2016

Treatment for PTSD is what we’re all about here.  It is the principal rationale for the existence of this site and this organization.  It is where I am at this stage of my own forty-plus year journey seeking relief from the demons of my own PTSD.  I am pretty much a miracle.  I was suicidal for north of 5 years and it got taken off the table pretty much in the nick of time.  I started studying up on what had “fixed” my suicide and ended up at the convergence of several ‘lightening bolts’: A combat Veteran, The Solution, A strategy for implementing the Solution and the wherewithal to implement it.  I was just the guy who was standing there when everything came together, but here I am.  The Universe in action, once again. 

The shape of this organization came to me as sort of an epiphany on the way home from the annual convention of Hypnotherapy in Boston.  Now my wife is a practitioner of (as near as I can tell) just about every holistic healing modality known to man, and a psychic medium to boot.  I had taken her to the convention and hung around the halls while she was in class when I saw an “NLP” sign on one of the doors, stepped inside, and the magic began to happen. 

In any event, our objective here is to get Veterans (Patients) hooked up with [pro-bono] “Providers”.  To that end, we are sleuthing out everywhere we can find where they meet, go there and troll for individuals who are willing to treat Vets free (I was pleasantly surprised at how many there are), enroll them in the program and put them on our database.  This is an ongoing operation, and will take time to grow into a viable nationwide network but I’m optimistic.  The next (actually, simultaneous) step is to enroll veterans and load them to our “Client” database.  Veterans can open up a locator map, zoom in on their location and discern what Providers operate in their vicinity.  It will be slim pickins at first, but as more Providers (and more Vets) sign up, things will get better.  

Additionally, there is the NLP procedure that fixed me.  When I was finally able to track down the guy who had “fixed” my suicidal “tendencies” he told me that if I remember the script (like, how can I ever forget it), I can give it to ten guys tomorrow, and they can give it to ten each the next day.  Now that begs the question – why, in hell on earth, do we still have a suicide problem.  I can’t answer that question, but if we all work together, really hard, we can put this thing to bed all by ourselves.