Why Hiring a Combat Vet Might Be the Best Move You Make This Year

Last Updated 8/2/2016

In this age of hyper-competitive enterprises from every corner of the earth, in order to succeed and grow your business you need employees who are a cut above the competition.  In that situation, you could do a lot worse than hire a combat veteran – for reasons that are most often obvious but some-times more subtle.

One of the more common “reasons” that you might pass up an opportunity to consider hiring a combat veteran might be the lame-brained notion that vets are all a bunch of “half-crazed, cold, steely eyed professional killers” with no readily identifiable, marketable skills.  That attitude just might be reasonable enough if it were accurate.  Fortunately for all concerned, IT IS NOT!  As a matter of fact, combat veterans, possess a number of pretty well documented character traits that, as a prospective employer, you would (or certainly should) find extremely attractive in a job applicant.  Veterans are known to compare quite favorably with your hard-drinkin’, party  college frat boy or some ‘doofus’ that walks in off the street in a number of ways.  To wit:

  • As a veteran, he has a well documented determination to succeed at the task at hand. No matter what.
  • He is a team player.  He is remarkably reliable, and demonstrates noteworthy drive, to complete ‘his mission’ and achieve the goals you set out for him to accomplish.
  • The mere fact that he is still walking around at all is a testament to his flexibility, innovation and tenacity.
  • He is a purposeful, bold and resolute asset who will meet any challenge you’ve got.

In a word, he is of great value to your enterprise in any capacity you might need him to fill.  On this page you will be given an opportunity to avail yourself of our employer – job seeker database in order to locate an outstanding candidate with skill sets you require and character traits that, as you know so well, are extremely difficult to find.

You could do a lot worse than look for a combat vet with an associate’s degree from a community college.  He already possesses character traits that you dream about in an employee as well as the drive to learn and succeed.  You could bankroll his continuing education on-line while he learns on the job and you wind up with a loyal employee who walked in the door with character traits that are nearly impossible to train into a civilian employee.

Like, for example:  If you had an opening in your organization, would you rather:

  • Hire a combat vet with an associates degree, access to online courses and general knowl-edge around the job you’re offering and you train him in the specific job skills you require …

or would you prefer to

  • Hire some frat-boy with a degree who may (or may not) have better specific job skills but you get to try and instill in him the character traits above that the vet brings with him to the table?

Don’t know about you, but it sounds like a no-brainer to me.